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Learn to draw 3D shapes and objects in perspective. 

There is nothing more flat than a piece of paper. But when we draw, our goal is to create the illusion of depth and three dimensionality on the flat surface of the page. In this course you’ll learn how to bring a dramatic sense of three-dimensionality to your drawings by first learning how to draw more basic shapes in 3D and then how to draw more complex subjects using perspective. 

Join award winning instructor Brent Eviston in the second course in his new Drawing Laboratory series where you’ll experience some of the clearest, most effective drawing instruction available. This course includes 8 in-depth lessons, each focusing on a set of essential three-dimensional drawing skills. Each lesson ends with a project designed for you to get the most out of the skills you’ve just learned. 

In this course you’ll learn: 

  • How to draw basic 3D shapes like spheres, cylinders and cubes.
  • How to draw using 1, 2 and 3 point perspectives.
  • How to simplify any subject into its most basic 3D shapes and accurately draw them in perspective.
  • How to apply these 3D drawing strategies to any subject, no matter how complex. 

 Course includes approximately 5 hours of video lessons.


Drawing in Three Dimensions is the second of four courses in Brent Eviston’s new Drawing Laboratory series. Drawing in Three Dimensions builds on the skill taught in the first course in the series, How to Draw: A Beginner’s Guide. It is recommended, but it is not required, that you complete the first course in the Drawing Laboratory before taking Drawing in three Dimensions. 


Before teaching online, Brent taught drawing to thousands of students through art studios, schools and museums for 20 years. He set out to discover the most effective ways to teach drawing. He tested both traditional forms of drawing instruction as well as teaching methods of his own design. Brent developed and refined a unique approach to drawing instruction that has proven to turn beginners into skilled drawers.

Brent’s first online courses in The Art & Science of Drawing series enrolled more than half a million students in 182 countries. His new series, the Drawing Laboratory combines all of his experience of face to face teaching as well as his years of online instruction. 

The result is an immersive, creative experience where you’ll learn to draw anything, and love the process. 

What People Are Saying:

I am really enjoying the course. You teach very well and have conveyed it much better than when I was taught in high school. As the years have passed I had lost my way. You have aided me in finding it again.


Really good for both total beginners and people who feel they lack a solid foundation in my opinion. Also taught me things I wish my art teacher said back in school. I changed how I draw based on the course and I'm already seeing substantial improvements over those few days.


This course is amazing… thank you.