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Drawing is not a talent. Drawing is a skill you can learn. 

Join award winning instructor Brent Eviston, creator of the best selling Art and Science of Drawing series, in his most immersive, in-depth drawing experience yet. You’ll join Brent in his studio where you’ll experience some of the clearest, most effective drawing instruction available. 

How to Draw: A Beginner's Guide includes 8 in-depth lessons, each focusing on a different set of essential drawing skills. At the end of each lesson is a project where you’ll practice the skills you’ve just learned. Once you’ve completed the 8 lessons, you’re invited to draw along with Brent as he demonstrates the entire drawing process start to finish. 

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to start drawing the subjects that most fascinate you, whether you’re an absolute beginner or a more experienced artist looking to strengthen your fundamental skills. 

In How to Draw: A Beginner's Guide you’ll learn: 

  • How to draw basic shapes like circles, ovals, rectangles, triangles as well as irregular shapes. 
  • How to draw any subject by simplifying it into basic shapes.
  • How to start a drawing with light lines that can easily be changed or erased. 
  • The basics of measuring, ensuring that your drawings are in proportion. 
  • How to draw with beautiful, descriptive lines and marks. 
  • How to finish your drawings by adding detail, texture and value.  
  • How to manage your mind and turn mistakes into opportunities for improvement.  

The benefits of drawing go far beyond the edges of the paper. In addition to being an engaging experience, drawing will:

  • Improve your focus
  • Increase your creativity 
  • Increase your mindfulness. 
  • Improve your problem solving skills 
  • Improve your hand-eye coordination 
  • Increase positive emotions.

Purchase here for lifetime access to the course which includes:

6 hours of video content, including two full length drawing demonstrations

Lessons on:

  • How to Begin
  • Circles & Ovals
  • Straight Edged Shapes
  • Beyond Basic Shapes
  • How to Simplify Any Subject
  • The Basics of Measuring & Proportion
  • Angles, Enveloping & the Block-In, Contours
  • Detail & Value 

Learn more about Drawing in 3 Dimensions, Part 2 of the Drawing Laboratory

How is The Drawing Laboratory different than the original Art & Science of Drawing?

The original Art & Science of Drawing series is a concise guide to the basics of drawing. The Drawing Laboratory is a much more comprehensive guide to drawing that teaches new tools and techniques, offers new insights, and includes more detailed demonstrations. I have also improved the production values and tried to create something that will stand the test of time.

Once all four courses in The Drawing Laboratory are complete, this new series will offer a lot to students who have already gone through the original Art & Science courses, while also providing opportunities to continue to practice familiar fundamentals. 

The remaining two courses in The Drawing Laboratory will be available in fall 2024.

What People Are Saying:

Brent goes step by step explaining and guiding you, with his demonstrations, and then giving you the space and time to practice, enabling you to integrate the techniques quickly.

Alan Rolle, student in The Art & Science of Figure Drawing

I started with zero experience or ability. The progress is incredible.

Taylor Swick, Student in The Art & Science of Drawing

Brent's courses are brilliant!

Yvonne Nelson, Student in The Art & Science of Figure Drawing