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The Art & Science of Figure Drawing

The human figure is the most rewarding but the most challenging subject to draw. 

Are you excited to learn figure drawing? I will guide you through the process with the same award-winning instruction and hands-on projects that have made my other drawing courses bestsellers. In this series of courses Brent Eviston demystifies the figure drawing process and teaches practical skills that anyone can learn. Starting with simple shapes, the reader will then learn how to accurately draw a figure in three dimensions and depict flesh, muscle, and bone as well as how to shade using dramatic light and shadow.

This practical guide will teach you the most accessible and effective methods for drawing the figure. Filled with beautiful and instructive drawing demonstrations of every phase of the figure drawing process, this series builds upon Brent’s popular approach to teaching pioneered in his popular Art and Science of Drawing series.

THE ART & SCIENCE of FIGURE DRAWING series is overflowing with powerful insights into the figure drawing process and offers some of the clearest, most accessible figure drawing instruction available. Many of the tools and techniques you'll learn here are rarely seen outside of private art academies.

Curriculum Includes:

Gesture: 11.25 hours, 37 videos

Volume & Structure: 5.75 hours, 19 videos

Shading: 2.25 hours, 7 videos

Gesture Drawing Exploration: 2.25 hours, 9 videos

Measuring & Proportion for Figure Drawing: .75 hours, 3 videos

Complete Figure Demo: 2 hours, 12 videos


Make sure you’re ready for Figure Drawing by going through the original Art & Science of Drawing series.

What People Are Saying:

Brent is an amazing instructor! If you want to learn figure drawing, no need to search for other classes as Brent is the best! Beginners will be able to complete this class too after taking the other Art & Science classes (in order). Brent is a very engaging teacher and I know you will enjoy all of his classes as I have!

Cindy Shatto, Student

Instructor is not only a master artist, but also a master at teaching. He gives you the right amount of work divided in lessons for easier digestion. Each lesson includes practice videos which are essential to retain the information. He carefully explains each individual concept and eases you into applying them all as a whole by the end of the lessons. 10/10 A treasure for online learners, I highly recommend it.

Alex Rodriguez, Student

This is an amazing class! Brent explains each aspect of the figure with depth and clarity I’ve never seen before in a figure drawing class. Each area of the body is explored and simplified in a way that makes it understandable. I can’t even explain in words how good this class is! It has to be experienced. I’ve taken many figure drawing courses in person and online but this is the one that I’ve been searching for. I’m really just amazed at how well both the lectures and demonstrations were executed. I’ll be returning to these lessons over again as I continue to practice!

Rachel Lawson, Student