Welcome to the Drawing Laboratory

The Drawing Labroatory is my latest series of online drawing courses. The path to the Drawing Laboratory began 25 years ago when I started my search for the most effective ways to teach drawing. After years of testing both traditional drawing methods as well as methods of my own design I created my first online courses: The Art & Science of Drawing series. The award winning, best selling Art & Science of Drawing series enrolled more than half a million students in more than 180 countries. Since its release nearly a decade ago, I have learned so much more about drawing, teaching and engaging people online. The Drawing Laboratory takes everything I have learned to create my most immersive and in depth drawing experience yet. 

Welcome to the Drawing Laboratory where you’ll learn to draw anything and love the process. 

— Brent Eviston


How to Draw: A Beginner's Guide

Learn how to draw any subject by simplifying it into basic shapes. You'll start by gaining confidence with basic marks and shapes. By the end of the course, you'll create beautiful,  finished, and detailed drawings.


Drawing in 3 Dimensions

Learn how to bring a dramatic sense of three-dimensionality to your drawings. You'll work with simple shapes to learn the basics of perspective and build your way to accurately describing complex forms. 


The Language of Line

Learn to bring your drawings life with expressive and descriptive lines and marks. Master the use of line to describe accurate contours, depth, dimension, dynamic movement, texture, and personal style.


Shading: Learn to Draw with Dramatic Light & Shadow

Learn how to shade your drawings and develop a deep understanding of the mechanics of light and shadow. You’ll begin with simple objects like spheres, cubes and cylinders, then how to apply your skills to any subject, not matter how complex.


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“Brent is an excellent teacher with such a huge knowledge and understanding of students, it's amazing. I completed the first series of the Art and Science of drawing and learnt a lot. It gave me so much confidence. Now with his new course he goes deeper into how to draw. I absolutely love his teachings. Just when I thought I learnt a lot in his first series, he proved there's always more to learn.”
— Karen, "How to Draw: A Beginner's Guide" Student


"I'm a fan of Mr Eviston's classes and this is yet another fantastic course of his. Similar to the Art & Science series but goes even deeper. Highly recommended."
— Julia, "How to Draw: A Beginner's Guide" Student

"Because of Brent, I am a professional artist now."

- Mona Fey

What Makes the Drawing Lab Unique?

The original Art & Science of Drawing series is a concise guide to the basics of drawing. The Drawing Laboratory is a much more comprehensive guide to drawing that teaches new tools and techniques, offers new insights, and includes more detailed demonstrations. I have also improved the production values and tried to create something that will stand the test of time.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

These courses are designed for artists with all levels of experience. Here are some simple guidelines if you don't know where to begin.

Starting From Scratch

Build your skills from the ground up by starting with How to Draw: A Beginner's Guide. Progress through the courses in order as you build your confidence and master these fundamental techniques.


Sharpening Skills

If you are a more experienced artist looking to strengthen your fundamental skills, Drawing in 3 Dimensions is the place to start. The lessons in this course will set you up for success with more advanced techniques.